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High Performance
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New England Energy Technologies does many types of commercial work. From the very basic installation of SPF (Spray Foam Insulation) on a very large scale to very detailed and specialty projects that require a very experienced installer, great knowledge in the application of SPF (Spray Foam Insulation), as well as the advanced technical background necessary for dealing with the many variations and troubleshooting various situations as they arise; especially on time-sensitive projects.

New England Energy Technologies has over a decade of experience which allows us to do all of the above.  We've handled jobs like installing SPF at the John Hancock Building in Boston on the 59th floor overlooking Fenway Park; the home of the Red Sox.  We were part of a team that worked on The World Trade Center Project in NYC and we've even worked in the Google Building in Boston, just to mention a few projects that stand out and people will recognize immediately.

We have great success in working with people and their project ideas as a team.  We often get calls and inquiries about whether SPF (Spray Foam Insulation) or some type of specialty coating could work in certain applications like weather proofing a high traffic deck with a durable coating or helping to keep outdoor storage tanks maintain stable temperatures and reduce energy costs.  With our experience and our clients' vision we work to find the optimal solution.