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High Performance
& Coatings

New England Energy Technologies does not discriminate based on the size of a job.  We have built our company over the years starting with the “very small” jobs and moved up from there.

For residential projects, we insulate mostly using closed cell SPF (Spray Foam Insulation).  But, we spray open cell SPF (Spray Foam Insulation) as well.  We also install blown-in cellulose.  Over the years, we have sprayed some very interesting residential projects like round roofs and have even been part of the construction of an "ALL GREEN" home where the construction used only natural sources of building materials.  We've worked with an all-organic farm in northern NH.  We've even applied SPF (Spray Foam Insulation) on a very interesting project in our home town where we had to actually spray underneath an apartment building that sits right above the river requiring us to maneuver our equipment using a boat!

As you can see, we're able to deliver on even the most challenging projects.

We love to spray foam and every moment with our guns in our hands makes us smile!